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Corporate Site

Corporate Site

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not online. A corporate website is just the thing to inform and offer your services.

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Order Corporate Site Development in USA

If your business is not on the Internet, does it exist at all? In the modern world, all customers are smart and picky, and indeed, it definitely makes sense to look about the business before ordering something from it. Your history, reviews, portfolio, followers in social media, and many other things directly influence the potential customer’s company choice.

Perhaps, you have got a stable base of customers, and your business really successfully develops offline. But just imagine how moving online can become a starting point of scaling your company.

Maybe, you have got an old website that still functions? That’s cool. It is a wonderful base. But the first impression is always built on the appearance, and in the IT world, also on convenience, loading speed, and simplicity of the information presentation. A modern website for modern and dynamic business. So, think about whether your website is still good enough.

In any case, a modern and attractive design with the history of your business is always a wise investment. Moreover, this is a key prerequisite for future successful digital marketing.

How it works

Stages of Web Development

Marketing analysis

Competitors analyze

the first thing we have to do is a thorough and deep market and competitors analysis

Marketing Statistic

QUIZ completing

the client shares his vision and future functionality of the website

External SEO

Сreating a schematic structure

a schematic structure of the website helps the customer to imagine what it will look like

Internal SEO

Сreating a semantic core

we make a website designed for customer searches


Page design and its approval

the next step is to develop the website according to the latest network trends

product manager

Markup development

the magic of turning a design into the code

PPC specialist

Back-End development

we don't even know how to explain it, just believe in the miracles of programmers


Filling the website with content

interesting and engaging texts and even better photos

semantic core

QA testing

the last step is launching the website. But before doing that, there’s a need to check and fix all bugs and errors

Don't Know Where to Start
Corporate Website

Not sure what exactly does your company need? What options should have a future website? Leave a request, our specialist will contact you and share his experience.

The Service Packages We Offer:

Launch from $900
  • Competitors analysis
  • Catalog design
  • Custom color scheme
  • Template logo
  • CMS WordPress
  • 3 pages included
  • One functional module
  • Adaptive layout (mobile friendly)
  • Main page On-Page SEO
  • Unique content for main page
  • Lead form
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
Boost from $1800
  • Competitors analysis
  • Semantic core collection
  • Buying and customization host & domain name & SSL
  • Custom unique design & color scheme
  • Custom logo
  • CMS WordPress
  • Up to 6 pages & blog included
  • Up to 3 functional modules
  • On-Page SEO
  • Uniqe content
  • Social media integration
  • Search function
  • Loading optimization
  • QA testing & 3-month website technical support
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
Rocket from $4500
  • Unique solutions = Unique design
  • Competitors analysis
  • Semantic core collection
  • Buying and customization host & domain name & SSL
  • Logo unique design (3 versions)
  • Mockup design development and approval
  • Elements of motion design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Up to 8 functional modules
  • All pages uniqe content
  • All texts editing from the admin panel
  • Search & review functions & SMM integration
  • Loading optimization
  • QA testing & 6-month website technical support
  • FB Pixel, GTM, Google Analytics & Search Console setup
Every cent spent on website development is an investment in your business’s future. Success is impossible without a high-quality modern website.
Factors Affecting Pricing of Service

How to Get Maximum Results from a Corporate Website?

Niche and competitors analysis

First of all, you have to thoroughly and deeply analyze the market and competitors

Design that potential customers like

After that - to develop a customized, competitive corporate website design to highlight the most advantageous features of products and services

Adaptability, cross-platforms development

Your site should be available and fast on any device

Сontent is the king of everything

Tell the story of your business and the problems you solve

Our team

How to Benefit from Cooperation with Us

prof pm

Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch

PPC ads

Marketing analyst

controls in the process of creating a website according to future marketing strategy

SEO specialis

SEO team lead

collects the semantic core



the most responsible job, he creates the look of your future cool site

Usability specialist

Usability specialist

the customer should be comfortable and convenient on your site

web developer

Front-End developer

he performs the magic of turning a design into the code

Intltech worker avatar

Back-End developer

the magic continues. We don't even know how to explain it, just believe in the miracles of programmers


Content manager

creates beautiful text and pictures about your business and products

Intltech worker avatar

QA tester

now let's check and correct all the mistakes made by others team members

They will work on your project

How to Benefit by Working with Us?

  • Unique design relevant to your business
  • Approval of structure and design with the client
  • Adaptability, cross-platforms, excellent usability
  • Unique content
  • Tech support for the first time

Develop Corporate Website for the Prestige and Positive Reputation of Your Company

It is crucial for business companies to make their online presence effective and rewarding. This is where corporate website development would make you a great favor. You won’t deny that the successful future either of a small business or an international corporation is not possible without having online marketing campaigns and websites, will you? To gain the people’s respect and loyalty, increase awareness about your brand, and make it constantly grow, you must keep in touch with your customers, and creating a website will provide you with an opportunity of 24/7 communication.

The functional and properly organized online page would also strengthen your position on the market, building you a positive reputation and prestige among the competitors. It would present your online image, so it is crucial you constantly improve it and develop. To make it modern, attractive, functional, and user-friendly, it would be wise to hire a professional website development company. They will help you to develop any of the types of corporate websites:

  • corporate website-business card

Of course, the website is different from the business cart this type has something in common with it– presenting the company. It should include the basic information, some history overview, contacts, chief representatives, and so on to make the visitor acquainted and interested in the company or brand.

  • corporate website-catalog

This is like an online shop, which would include a list of the products you sell or services you provide: prices, features, products description, etc. This page has a strategic aim to increase the sales and income of your company.

  • corporate website-info portal

The page will contain important contact information, terms and privacy policy, shipping and return terms, customers’ feedback, and so on, everything important the customers may need while having business with your company.

Whatever type you require, IntlTech, an advanced website development company in USA, will make great efforts to make sure you get the best results.

Corporate Website Development Term

The time required for creating a design and presenting a finished template to the customer depends upon different factors. One of the basic is its complexity: the more graphic elements, animations, sections, and pages included, the longer it will take to develop it. In general, all website development services are very individual and personalized as every separate website is developed regarding the customers’ concepts, brand, chosen colors, the specifics of the products, services, and niche, so every time it is different. In total, the designers and technicians would need at least two weeks for creating website services final product.

Price of Corporate Website Development

All the above-described elements will affect not just the timing but pricing as well. However, we do not recommend you saving money on designing your website. Trust us, that returns will greatly outweigh the investments. Once having developed a proper page, you will manage to build strong relations with your customers and their loyalty by showing that you care about their convenience and do everything possible to make their experience of cooperating with you the most comfortable and pleasant. That is why if you want to order corporate site, set aside some sum of the budget for an attractive and modern design and perfect functioning. The professionals will do the rest.

If you want to know website development cost in USA, please contact our representatives and get a more detailed consultation.

How IntlTech Will Help You to Build a Positive Reputation?

Our IT company IntlTech for many years is promoting businesses and creating websites in USA and USA. We hire just the best experts with excellent knowledge and skills, desire to work and create, and constantly improve to impress our customers. Our team is doing regular research and monitors the market for any changes, news, new trends, and fashions, so we always keep pace with time and develop just the most fashionable and modern designs. The basic principle of our work is the individual approach, so when you cooperate with us, you will not find a similar solution to site development in USA. So, when you decide to buy the best corporate website, you know whom to contact – IntlTech, the best technical and design ideas for your business.

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