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Search Engine Optimization helps to rank your website higher in search results. Let us take you to the top.

Boost your business

How Can Search Engine Optimization Rock Your Business?

Want to be in the top position in the Google search results? Have more leads? Boost sales? SEO optimization is right for you. It is a wonderful solution for the long-run perspective and a wise investment in your future business development.

Search engine optimization is a complex of actions for the On-page (everything that concerns the website pages, also known as On-site SEO) and Off-page (increasing of the website’s authority (Domain Rating), another name – Off-site SEO) website optimization for the search engines. SEO is one of the most cost-effective online-marketing tools. Competent promotion of the websites in the Google search engine will help you to get on top of the search results on the most popular and appropriate for Your business inquiries. The final aim of SEO is to attract the target audience that will convert into the key actions.

Our highly-skilled specialists know how to bring your website to the top of the search results in strict correspondence for web-masters from the Google search engine. Innovative technologies + experience of our SEO-specialists allows increasing the audience of your web resource:

  • Will safely attract target visitors to your website from the Google search system;
  • Will declare about your website to the Internet and single it out among the competitors, leaving them behind;
  • Will use the marketing strategy based on attraction, conversion, and analytics.
How it works

Stages of SEO

Marketing analysis

Preliminary analysis

current condition and the necessity of global improvements

semantic core

Building a semantic core keywords (search queries)

selection of the search keyphrases for the promotion according to the subject of the website

Internal SEO

On-page SEO

final distribution of the keywords to the target pages

External SEO

Off-page SEO

building a website's authority on other websites

Marketing Statistic

Statistical component

analysis of the current position and optimizing SEO campaign

Don't Know Whether Search Engine Optimization is Right for You?

Not sure what exactly does your company need? What is the most effective way to spend your marketing budget? Leave a request, and our marketer will conduct a free audit of your business and select the optimal package of services.

SEO Plans

Launch from $750
  • Up to 5 keywords
  • Meta Tags: 10 pages
  • Initial content development: 3 pages
  • Technical SEO audit/implementation
  • Analytics/Search Console Setup
  • Basic On-Site Optimization
  • Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
  • Monthly Custom Report
Boost from $1300
  • Up to 10 keywords
  • Meta Tags: 25 pages
  • Initial content development: up to 5 pages
  • Bloging: 1 article
  • Launch plan +
  • Competitors analysis
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Speed Optimization/Image Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Google My Business Setup & Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Monthly Strategy Discussion
  • Dedicated digital marketing expert
  • Website structure analysis & Recommendations
  • Off-site Link Building + Budget
Rocket from $2500
  • Up to 50 keywords
  • Meta Tags: 50 pages
  • Initial content development: up to 10 pages
  • Bloging: up to 4 articles
  • Boost plan +
  • Advanced On-Site/Code Optimization
  • Heat Map/Usability Reports
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monthly Traffic & Goal Reporting
  • On-going Keyword Progression Report
  • Competitive Market Share Reporting
  • Monitor Competitor Link Activities
  • Mobile Site Optimization
  • Increasing Google SERP CTR with Rich Snippets
  • Off-site Link Building + Budget

SEO investment is a guarantee of getting new clients on a regular basis with minimal customer acquisition cost.

Factors Affecting Pricing of Service

Search Engine Optimization Price Depends on

Competitors and location

These are basic criteria for calculating the amount of work and time for the website promotion because the number of competitors in your business niche may vary from a few to tens of hundreds of websites.

The number of keywords for promotion

The more competitive inquiries are being promoted, the more expensive it will be, and the more time it will take to promote the website.

Website status monitoring

Before launching the promotion process, we perform a free SEO-audit of the website in order to evaluate and calculate how long it will take to implement the changes.

Current search ranking

The more requests are close to the first page of Google search results, the cheaper and faster the website promotion will be.

On-page optimization

This is another important factor, because we have to spent some time to create unique content, meta tags, hyperlinking, microdata, etc.

Search algorithms updates

Search engine complicates its algorithms from year to year. it often requires internal and external upgrades of SEO optimization for the website.

Our team

They Will Work on Your Project

prof pm

Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch

Intltech worker avatar

SEO team lead

leads the team in creating competitive SEO and online marketing

Intltech worker avatar

Technical SEO specialist

uncover opportunities to increase site speed, correct duplicate content, fix redirects and others

Intltech worker avatar

Data analyst

SEO project requires data analysis in the form of keyword research, traffic measurement and goal evaluation

Intltech worker avatar

Content manager

SEO activities require large amounts of new content

Intltech worker avatar

Link builder

back links plays a tremendous role in your website

Intltech worker avatar

Web developer

he can modify your site according to the latest SEO standards

They will work on your project

Why Cooperation with Us is So Advantageous?

  • We apply only “white” methods of promotion;
  • We output competitive search keywords to tops of Google;
  • We know what is necessary for better usability (working with UI and UX is a smooth sailing for us);
  • We provide clear and detailed monthly reports concerning the work we’ve done;
  • We display where, how many and what links we buy for your website;
  • We regularly track the search tendencies and correct your website promotional strategy correspondingly;
  • We control all changes and react promptly;
  • If needed, we can change the keywords for searches throughout our collaboration;
  • We increase the effectiveness of the website in consequence of its technical and functional upgrades;
  • We provide dedicated support, the manager of your project is always in touch.

Why Search Engine Optimization is So Important?

When launching a new business or project, the owners do two types of common mistakes. The first one is assuming that Internet promotion is not that powerful, and there is no need to invest in it. Really? What century are you living in? If you are from 2020, everything is done online, literally everything.

Modern website design

The second point is that they think if they have paid for cute and modern website design, they are definitely going to receive thousands of visitors and an endless queue of orders. What if we tell you that without an appropriate SEO, there are chances that no one even will see your website ever?

If you want to boost your business, get into Top-10 Google search results, and obtain real profit from your website, IntlTech friendly team of professionals offers you a website optimization to bring you on top.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Your competitors do not sleep and are optimizing their websites already. So, contact us right now to get the best IT experience you ever had and take your business to a whole new level!

How Much Does SEO Cost in USA and Mississauga in 2021

SEO Pricing in 2020-2021 and the final amount of the service is individual and depends on the set of parameters our specialists will investigate. We promote an individual approach to every customer and website to get the best possible results. IntlTech offers you a free analysis of the potential of your website, and after that, you will be able to discuss the price of the service with one of our representatives. Our experts are eager to answer all your inquiries and to provide you with the best SEO services in USA.

Types of SEO Services

SEO is a complex service that aims at reaching the set goals and includes:

Types of SEO Services

  1. Ranking & Visibility,
  2. On-Site SEO,
  3. Links & Link Building,
  4. Local SEO,
  5. Keywords & Keyword Research,
  6. Position Tracking,
  7. Crawling & Site Audits,
  8. Content Marketing,
  9. International SEO,
  10. Mobile SEO.

Every element is interrelated and has a considerable impact on the website’s ranking in the Google search systems!

On-page SEO

Well, it is the core of any website promotion, and it is the most time- and efforts consuming stage. On-site Optimization will include a serious investigation and analysis of the relevant key queries, creating a unique content writing interesting and topical posts and articles. Thereafter, the technicians will perform the code optimization matching the requirement of the search engines to bring the website into the Top-10 search positions. This stage also implies the creation of appropriate descriptions, titles, meta tags, and redirects.

Furthermore, you would definitely want the website to be accessible and correctly displayed at all kinds of devices. With this idea in mind, our specialists will adapt it correspondingly so that the potential customers may visit it from their desktops, laptops, tabs, and smartphones, and bring you profit.

On-site optimization provides:

  1. Increase of usability,
  2. Content optimization,
  3. Adaptation to algorithms.

As soon as this is completed, the guys will move on the off-site optimization.

Links and Off-page SEO

This stage involves an investigation of the thematic websites. Its primary purpose is to increase the authority of Your resource by building up the link mass of the website. Links are crucial for off-page SEO. The quality of the website’s internal and external links can boost or downgrade its ranking in the Google search results. There will be conducted work on obtaining links from other external resources (donors) to further promote the website, which rate depends on the quantity of the qualitative links related to it.

If you suppose that quick purchase of many external links gives the same results as buying several references on specialized services, unfortunately, you are deeply mistaken, and it will have the opposite effect.

In fact, you risk getting a ban or get under the Google filter. In this regard, you can get completely excluded from the search index. In order to avoid this and don’t waste your money, we recommend contacting us – team of SEO professionals in Mississauga  (USA).

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

We conduct a marketing audit and website analysis. We study its ranking in the search engine results. We analyze the number of pages in the index, quality, and quantity of the external links, the main matrix characteristics, and compare the obtained data with the competitors. Based on the gathered statistics, we will provide you with the evaluation and recommendations concerning the correct distribution of the keywords on the URL website, composing the meta-tags, and using HTML-markup, etc.


However, if you need fast results, we would also advise considering PPC advertising, target advertising, or promotion in social media as SEO takes three to six months to see the first results. You may combine these strategies for short and future perspectives. Whatever is your choice, our experts are always ready to promote your website and boost sales for your business.

You may also find out more about Healthcare Marketing Strategies for Pharmacy services, Dental clinics, Beauty salons, Cosmetology, etc. We are experts in this area! Call us and get more!

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Choose Complex solutions

Complex Solutions Work Better

Complex approaches in development, SEO promotion, targeting and PPC advertising always cause powerful and far-reaching effects. All of these elements are closely related, and if one of them is a weak link, it will affect the performance of the whole company.

E-commerce services aim to develop and promote an online store
Contextual advertising
It is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to the users’ search queries
Social Media Marketing aims to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks
Targeting Ads
It is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences

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