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Facebook&Insta Advertising Services

Facebook&Insta Advertising Services

Reach every potential customer even in the furthest corners of social networks

Boost your business

How Can FB&Insta Ads Rock Your Business?

If you know who your target client is: age, location, interests, then advertising in social media suits your business perfectly. Social networks know more about you than yourself. They know what you like and what you hate. If, while scrolling the feed, you have stopped for a half-second to admire the picture of a cat, trust us, Facebook has noticed it.

That is why advertising in social networks may outstrip your expectations and hit the spot. Appropriately set and picked up advertising has high ROAS and is a key source of the leads for many successful companies. Also, don’t forget the fact a customer is not very likely to order your services or goods from the first touch. For this reason, retargeting is a great option to remind your potential customer, who is not ready to make an order here and now, about the uncompleted actions, increase his trust, and make him acquainted with your company.
Is it worth for your business to lose such a wonderful opportunity to attract new customers?

If you want to sell more, make the brand’s name recognizable, make clients interested in your services, increase the number of subscribers, then you need professional targeted advertising.

How it works

Stages of Targeting Ads Marketing Campaign

External SEO

Determination of the company's goals

Increasing conversions, lead generation, brand recognition

semantic core

Target audience formation

Defining the customer portrait (geolocation, age, gender, behavior, needs, interests)

Internal SEO

Pixel installation and advertising set up

Installation of the analytics tools and setting up the advertisement

Marketing Statistic

Design and development of the ad creatives

Designing the catchy creatives and writing copies that sell

Marketing analysis

Ad launching

Initial data collection and generation of results

Optimization of the advertising campaign

Scaling of the received outcomes

Don't Know Whether FB&Instagram Ads are Right for You?

Not sure what exactly does your company need? What is the most effective way to spend your marketing budget? Leave a request, and our marketer will conduct a free audit of your business and select the optimal package of services.

Plans of Services We Offer

Launch from $300
  • Up to 3 unique and creative ads
  • Up to 3 custom audiences
  • Pixel implementation
  • Links with UTM marks
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly optimization
Boost from $500
  • Up to 5 unique and creative ads
  • Up to 8 custom audiences
  • Up to 3 GEO locations
  • Retargeting ads
  • Look-a-like audience
  • Report every 14 days
  • Landing page usability analytics & recommendation
  • A\B testing for choosing the best pattern of advertisement
  • Pixel implementation&analytics
  • Scaling campaign focusing on ROI&ROAS
  • Reference for your SMM content and design
Rocket from $1200
  • Up to 15 unique and creative ads
  • Up to 15 custom audiences
  • Up to 5 GEO locations
  • Dynamic feed retargeting ads
  • Look-a-like audience
  • Report every 7 days
  • Your website usability improvement implementation
  • A\B testing for choosing the best pattern of advertisement
  • Pixel implementation&analytics
  • Cross-platform Video ads
  • Scaling campaign focusing on ROI&ROAS
  • SMM branding design
  • Ads comments management

FB/Instagram targeting ads – an extremely effective way of customer engagement if you know who’s your audience.

Factors Affecting Pricing of Service

The Lead Cost on FB&Instagram Advertising Depends on

The number of competitors

Big demands create big competitiveness. And the more competitors you have, the more complicated it would be to promote your business

Type of business

If you sell a very special product, the audience is narrow. Thus, the process of targeting will require more efforts

The relevance of ads to the landing page

Business process automation is a complex solution, and our experts can handle this task in different terms. We analyze, select, and then apply various techniques for successful promo-campaigns

Period of advertising

The budget depends on the duration of the campaign. It is recommended to form a monthly budget based on the company's goals


The type of displaying online advertising due to the user's geographical location (country, region, street, etc.)

Campaign optimization

It is the task of a professional to optimize your company to leave only the most effective geo, audience, placements, goals, and others

Our team

They Will Work on Your Project

prof pm

Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch

marketing manager

Marketing analyst

controls advertising in the concept of general marketing strategy

Targeting specialist

Targeting specialist

has all the magic of ads manager



writes the best calls to action



draws interesting and unique creatives

Usability specialist

Usability specialist

analyzes usability of your website

They will work on your project

Why is Cooperation with IntlTech an Ideal Solution for You?

  • IntlTech works individually with every client.
  • We make both: creative and classic advertising design.
  • We analyze and select the most appropriate methods and placements of promotion.
  • The company employs experienced experts in targeted advertising.
  • We have a robust value for money.
  • Our experts constantly analyze the market to keep pace with the times.

How Can Targeted Facebook Advertising Help Your Business?

targeted Facebook advertising The Internet Space and Social Media (SM) are not just platforms for having fun, communicating, and looking for new information, for the business realm, it is an enormous field of unlimited advertising opportunities. Please, don’t argue that the pop-up ads are annoying. It may be so if it reaches the wrong audience. Just imagine that a user looks for some information that is related to your business or products, don’t you think he/she might get interested in that too? This is what we call ads targeting – almost one hundred percent hit in the target.

Now, if you wonder where to launch your advertising campaign, there are thousands of variants. We suggest the platforms, which are popular among the users. What SM comes to your mind the first? Let us guess. Facebook? Of course, such social giant is a perfect ground for attracting new customers and make your business grow.

So, as you could guess from the name, this type of commercials is targeted at the specific users and is exposed just in the cases semantically linked to the products or services you offer. They are your real potential customers, who can increase your sales and income. The only question you may have now is how to determine this very target audience. Well, this is what usually professional Facebook advertising agency deals with.

It is a quiet time- and efforts-consuming process, which implies collecting the information about the company: its priorities, offered services and products, geographical locations, its competitors, and general characteristics of the niche; and the potential customers – age, sex, marital status, job, social class, children, hobbies, leisure time activity, favourite countries for vacations, and even colors, if needed – every single detail, which may be helpful to create an interesting and effective content to attract the visitors and sell the service or product.

Facebook AdsSo, what targeting Facebook ads will help to achieve:

  • increase sales
  • increase the popularity and recognition
  • target specific and narrow audiences
  • test and identify effective and ineffective Facebook advertising methods
  • attract the customers of the competitors

Targeting Facebook Ads: the List of Services We Offer

If you come to the conclusion that Facebook ads targeting is just the right thing you and your business need, here is what you should expect. Once again, the first stage will include the thorough investigation and analysis of your business, services, products, competitors, and the market in general. It will require specific marketing skills. The team of professionals in IntlTech possesses many years of experience to appropriately collect and analyze the data and determine the right target audience and do not waste your time and money. It will help to determine the right strategy and develop a plan for a successful advertising campaign.

The next stage will be dedicated to creating the actual content of your commercial – promos, logos, texts, banners, and so on. As a rule, our specialists create a few possible variants, and you will be able to choose the one, which matches your perception of the ideal ad the most. You will be able to make any adjustments and control the whole process. The individual approach and satisfied customer are our main priorities!

FB Ads - IntlTech - USAOnce we agreed upon the content, our technicians determine the way to expose the data on SM and how to match it with the already existent post and information. Be patient, because we will have to do a lot of work at this stage: monitor statistics and make all necessary changes to optimize the whole process. You will also receive regular reports concerning the recent improvements and any alterations in the AD-campaign. The specialists will also perform several tests to probe the most effective advertising pattern to achieve your set goals and promote the business.

Ordering Facebook advertising services is a wise investment of money in a long-perspective flourishing of your brand and company as you pay just for actual clicks and visits of your profile/website and get a possibility to attract a vast number of new customers. Moreover, it will help you to:

  • increase traffic,
  • develop the recognition of your brand,
  • win reputation,
  • get new loyal clients.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

The final price for the service will be determined by a number of criteria, which include your wishes, number of accounts, links, clicks, and the total amount of work our specialists would have to complete to achieve the set goals. In any case, our support representative is always available to provide you with a free consultation and answer any of your questions.

SEO do I overpay?Why Choose IntlTech?

We present a modern digital marketing company of young and ambitious marketing specialists who are professionals at Facebook commercial, and targeting Instagram ads. We are the best at:

  • small and large business promotion (not scared of complications – the challenge is our second name),
  • optimization of the promotional budget (we will make sure you do not waste your money and take advantage of every coin),
  • helping our customers to develop their brands and make their business grow.

With a clear conscience and 100% confidence we may guarantee you:

  • quality traffic of interested audience,
  • real clicks – no fakes, no bots,
  • individual approach and the best solution for your business,
  • constant keeping in touch and regular reports.

How to Order IntlTech Facebook Advertising Services?

Decided to try our internet promotional service? – One of the best decisions you’ve ever made! Contact our support representative to get to know about the price, service, and start conquering the market with your wonderful services or products!

Entrust your business promotion to IntlTech!

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