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eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Website Development

Online retail is one of the most popular and biggest industries right now. Let us develop and design your online store.

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Order E-commerce Website Development in USA

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If yes, creating an online store is a great solution. Many companies are already running their businesses online. According to statistics, more than 1,000,000 people shop on the Internet every day. In recent years, the turnover of the e-Commerce market is growing exponentially, and after the global shutdown, even the most conservative offline sellers have realized the importance of going online. Do you have your own e-Commerce store? No? We’re ready to help right now.

Web store development is one of the most crucial moments for your business, as it will bring you profit for many years. It is important to take into account a lot of points: design, usability, optimization, adaptability. Except for this, you should consider the remarks of the marketer and SEO specialist.

That is why trying to save money is not the best solution here. Delegate this work to the professionals. As our team includes developers and digital marketing specialists, we will create for you not merely an attractive and functional design, but also the one that is oriented for further marketing promotion. From our experience, 80% of the completed websites that apply to our company for promotion need edits of the structure, functional, or optimization before starting an active marketing campaign. That is why web development from stretch in our company is a wonderful possibility to do everything correctly, taking into account the preferences of your brand’s audience.

How it works

Stages of E-commerce Development

Marketing analysis

Competitors analys

the first we have to do is thorough and deep market and competitors analysis

Marketing Statistic

QUIZ completing

the client shares his vision and future functionality of the site

External SEO

Сreating a schematic structure

a schematic structure of the site so that the customer can imagine what it will look like

Internal SEO

Сreating a semantic core

we make a site designed for customer searches


Mokap site with a previous page structure

we draw the design and approve with the client


Page design its approval

the next step is to develop the website according to latest network trends

product manager

Markup development

the magic of turning a design into the code

PPC specialist

Back-End development

we don't even know how to explain it, just believe in the miracles of programmers


Filling the website with content

beautiful texts and even better photos

semantic core

QA testing

the last step is launching the website. But before doing it, there’s a need to check and fix all bugs and errors

Don't Know Where to Start

Not sure what exactly does your company need? What options should have a future website? Leave a request, our specialist will contact you and share his experience

Packages of Services We Offer

Launch from $1600
  • Competitors analysis
  • Adaptive cross-platform layout
  • Design from our catalog
  • Adaptive layout
  • Products navigation & sorting
  • One payment system integration
  • Products search
  • Personal user cabinet
  • Online-chat
  • GA Analytics setup
  • Quick guide and training on how to use website
Boost from $2800
  • Competitors analysis
  • Semantic core collection
  • Adaptive cross-platform layout
  • Unique logo design (3 versions)
  • Buying and customization host and domain name + SSL certificate
  • Unique and custom-made website design
  • Products sorting/filtering
  • Base loading optimization
  • Writing content for the main webpages;
  • Products rating & comment option
  • Online-chat, discount campaigns, marketing boosters;
  • 3-month website support
  • Adding up 20 products to the website
  • QA testing
  • Personal user cabinet
  • Quick guide and training on how to use website
Rocket from $4900
  • Competitors analysis
  • Semantic core collection
  • Adaptive cross-platform layout
  • Unique logo&brandbook design
  • Buying and customization host and domain name + SSL certificate
  • Mockup development and approval for individual user-friendly design
  • Adding up to 50 products to the website
  • Products sorting/filtering
  • Products rating & comment
  • Internal SEO optimization
  • E-mail subscription option
  • Writing content for the main webpages
  • Payment system integration
  • Commodity search
  • Personal user cabinet
  • Online-chat, discount campaigns, marketing boosters
  • 6-month website support and 12-month security updates
  • Three-factor user authentication
  • All pages loading optimization
  • Regular website backup
  • QA testing
  • Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Pixel customization
  • Guide and training on how to use website

Every cent spent on website development is an investment in the future of your business. Branding, automation, professional growth are impossible without a high-quality modern website.

Factors Affecting Pricing of Service

How to Achieve the Superlative Result in Creating E-commerce Store?

Formation of the target audience

Qualitatively formed TA allows developing the website according to its preferences and forming the correct positioning of the products.

Niche and competitors analysis

How do your competitors present themselves, and what is better about your product or service? These are crucial points!

Design that potential customers like

Modern and comprehensive design that will make an impression. There are dozens of e-Commerce stores, so you should stand out!

Modern and convenient functionality of the website

Favorite product, comparison of the products, convenient search, and product selection.

Quality photos and products descriptions

Even if you have a clear positioning but not quality photos – it won’t work out.

Convenient payment methods

Everything that the client uses as a payment method should be on the website.

Our team

Project manager

prof pm

Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch

Intltech marketing specialist

Marketing analyst

control in the process of creating a website according to future marketing strategy

SEO specialis

SEO team lead

collects the semantic core

Intltech worker avatar

Data analyst

analyzes market and competitors' websites



most responsible job, he creates the look of your future cool site

Usability specialist

Usability specialist

the customer should be comfortable and convenient on your site

web developer

Front-End developer

it performs the magic of turning a design into the code

Intltech worker avatar

Back-End developer

the magic continues. We don't even know how to explain it, just believe in the miracles of programmers


Content manager

creates beautiful text and pictures about your business and products

Intltech worker avatar

QA tester

now let's check and correct all the mistakes made by others team member :/

They will work on your project

How to Benefit from Cooperation with Us

  • Unique design
  • Adjustment of the design and functionality during the development process
  • Adaptability, cross-platforms, excellent usability
  • Websites optimization
  • Internal SEO optimization
  • Sticking to the website development deadline
  • Tech support from 3 months is included
  • Websites are ready for further marketing promotion

Why Do You Need E-commerce Website Development?

Shopping in 2020 looks completely different from that it used to be a few years ago. When was the last time you visited a regular offline store? You do not have enough time to go there too often, and so does a great part of the whole population on the Earth. That is why online stores are gaining extreme popularity offering a wide range of products, starting with spices and grocery to clothes and household appliances. So, maybe it is your turn now to take the next step and move your business online? Thinking about e-Commerce website development, it is just the right thing to do in contemporary digital realities.

You may ask whether opening an online store would be more beneficial than an offline one. And we will answer – definitely. Here are proves:

  • No rental spending (you can organize and manage it even from your home);
  • Global unlimited access (both for you and the customers). The online store is not limited by working hours, so the customers can do shopping 24/7, during their lunch breaks, on weekends, holidays, etc. – anytime, anywhere;
  • Better client service (it will give you an opportunity to communicate with every customer requiring attention);
  • Less paperwork ( when moving your business online, you can forget about checks, postcards, and different inserts you add to the purchase – all of it is not necessary there, and it will save a lot of time and money);
  • Permanent customer base (unlike with the regular stores, you will have your customers’ names, phone numbers, addresses, emails when they buy something, what will allow you to do different online marketing campaigns, sending email messages with discounts, promo codes, sales, new collections, new goods, interesting promotions, and so on to increase the interest in your store and company, win the loyalty and respect, and build a stable positive reputation).

E-Commerce Website Benefits for Your Business

And these are just the basic points of how e-Commerce development in the online space will contribute to your business growth. Okay, now let’s consider how online store will benefit your customers:

  • Time-saving (no physical need to come to the shop to check the assortment or availability of new products).
  • Always up to date (via emails or text messages, they will get notifications about sale-outs, discounts, and so on, so they will not miss anything interesting).
  • Convenient delivery options (they may choose their favorite delivery service and the place: home, office, workplace, even the address of their friends and relatives – anyplace they wish).
  • Return and replacement (if they did not like the item or it came damaged, they can always return it without wasting much money and time).
  • Lower prices (as the owners do not spend a lot on keeping an online store, it usually makes the prices for their goods cheaper than in regular shops what cannot but make the clients happy).

Now, when the evidence in favor of creating an online store is undeniable, we should consider the main steps to make it attractive and effective. We will begin with saying that you may do it on your own as on the Internet you may find a lot of video tutorials, guidings, and software tools for online store creation, but keep in mind that it will be very time- and efforts-consuming process, and we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final results. If you want to get a nice and user-friendly website with a modern design and convenient menu, we would suggest hiring a professional e-Commerce development company.

We understand that you may be a novice entrepreneur or just a very economical person, willing to save some money, but trust us that this is a very wise investment into the development of your company if you are an ambitious businessman wishing to grow, of course. In any way, e-Commerce website development cost is justifiable spending for the prosperous and bright future of your work.

Why Cooperate with Professionals?

  • Individual design (unlike when creating an online shop on your own using templates and samples, you will get a unique website which will not have the analogs among your competitors).
  • Diverse structure (specialists in e-Commerce website development company will include different pages and structures into the menu: the profile, catalog, about us, blog, information page, etc. to the make the website comfortable for the customers so they can easily find anything they need without considerable efforts).
  • Perfect functioning (there is no sense in website development services if just for the sake of beauty and design. It must be easy, convenient, and fast, making sure that the visitors do not feel bored and waste their time waiting for the section to open. The technicians will optimize the speed and general work of the website for the clients’ best experience).
  • Advanced features (attractiveness is not the main point for creating an e-Commerce website, but it is still crucial. The people enjoy wandering on the modern and nice pictures with flamboyant colors, beautiful pictures, and videos more than on the dull chaotic ones. Moreover, there are a lot of features that may be beneficial for exposing, describing, and promoting your products.

The most famous are:

  • video presentation,
  • animation,
  • products sliders,
  • “share in social media” button,
  • call back button,
  • online consultant,
  • wholesale prices,
  • shopping cart,
  • wish list,
  • waiting list,
  • route map,
  • personal cabinet,
  • SMS notifications.

All of these and even more are possible if you hire a professional website development company to create the online store of your dream.

Grow Together with IntlTech

We are a professional team of designers, technicians, developers, and copywriters, creating e-Commerce sites in USA and other countries. We do not like to repeat and always try to develop different and unique designs for our customers. Using the basic concepts of your business and our creative ideas, together, we will develop a modern online store to impress your loyal customers and win the hearts of the new ones. If you are looking for a perfect e-Commerce website development in USA, you are just in the right place. We are not afraid of challenges and will fulfill even your bravest ideas in reality.

If you have any questions regarding the service, cost of an e-Commerce website, or all other services we provide, you are always welcome to contact us via phone or email you may find at the bottom of the page.

Enhance your positions! Push the boundaries! Grow with IntlTech!

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