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Our goal is to bring at least $3 for one dollar of investment. This is because integrated solutions work better! Scale your business online.



SEO ranking defines will customers find your business when searching for an appropriate product or service. Let us ensure they do.

Pay Per Click Ads

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries

FB&Insta Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences

E-mail marketing

creating databases of potential customers and informing them about your business will incredibly boost your turnover.


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks

Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing a Benefit?

If you start a business and do not have a client base, digital marketing is a must-have tool. It is a complex and flexible approach that includes various channels, allowing attracting to the online market the offline audience and vice versa. A QR-code on the flyer can send a customer to the website, and the email newsletter may invite the Internet user to your offline store or a seminar.

Digital marketing is not limited by Internet search capabilities. Digital TV and online radio, ads in applications, messengers and online games, SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, contextual advertising, PPC, Viral videos, influence marketing, and more.

Integrated marketing is what works better and has a greater return on capital invested. If you build a successful business model, for 1 dollar invested, you will receive a return if a minimum 3 dollars. For this to happen, you will need to choose the right advertising channels. There are no universal solutions. All tools need to be carefully selected for a specific business model. You can always start small and then increase your investment in marketing.

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Integrated Marketing Solutions

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Too complex?

That’s why you are the expert in your business, just like we are in the digital marketing space.

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Why We Rock?

IntelTech is a marketing agency that has set a goal to change the market of web development and digital marketing.

We are against template solutions! The world has changed, and now, you should win the clients’ hearts not in the salons or store shelves. You should conquer them online. The Internet world is open and transparent. You cannot hide anything from your clients, so accept it and reveal your real business. Make it unique with an interesting story behind, an exciting website, and impressive ads. But do not choose a simple way of templates. Create something valuable and memorable. We can help you here and become your support in the digital world.

We will prove to you the importance of unique content, creativity, and emotions. Change the web world together with IntlTech!

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IntlTech Integrated Package

Launch $ 900
  • Basic digital marketing strategy
  • On-Page SEO (up to 3 pages)
  • Business positioning
  • Social media setup & design
  • SMM content plan
  • FB & Instagram ads management
  • Blog (1 article)
  • Google My Business set-up
  • Google Analytics & Search Console set-up
  • SEO audit & Market analysis
Boost $ 2000
  • Digital marketing strategy for 6 month
  • Positioning and formation of TA
  • Semantic Core collection
  • On-Page SEO (up to 8 pages)
  • Basic Off-Page SEO management
  • SMM + Content (2 posts per week)
  • FB & Instagram ads management
  • PPC adv. management
  • Retargeting ads
  • Google My Bussines management
  • Blog (2 articles)
  • Website speed optimization
  • SEO audit & PPC analysis
  • E-mail marketing
Rocket $ 4900
  • Digital marketing strategy for 1 year
  • Business Branding
  • Expand Semantic Core collection
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • SMM + Content (3 posts per week)
  • FB & Instagram ads management
  • PPC ads. management
  • Retargeting & Remarketing ads
  • Display ads
  • Blog (3 articles)
  • Website speed & Usability optimization
  • Online reputation management
  • E-mail marketing
  • Domain & Hosting & Backup & Tech. support
Our team

They Will Work on Your Project

prof pm

Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch


Marketing team lead

leads the team in creating competitive SEO and online marketing


Technical marketing specialist

uncover opportunities to increase site speed, correct duplicate content, fix redirects and others


Data analyst

SEO project requires data analysis in the form of keyword research, traffic measurement and goal evaluation


Content manager

Marketing activities require large amounts of new content


Link builder

back links plays a tremendous role in your website


Web developer

he can modify your site according to the latest SEO standards


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The role of marketing services

About Marketing

In business relationships, marketing plays a crucial role. It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. It may be business- or consumers-oriented. Speaking about the second type, there are a lot of ways to reach the audience both in the means of online and offline marketing. As we live in the highly developed era of advanced digital technologies and the Internet, online marketing strategies have higher potentials to reach the client and increase sales than the traditional ways. These are the main of them:

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization – a marketing strategy for ambitious and sagacious business owners. The drawback of SEO is that it takes time to see the actual results, but it can hardly outweigh all the benefits this strategy offers. The first point is that it does not demand a huge budget, which is especially attractive for young businesses and those who do not want to spend a lot of money on the promotion. Secondly, this online marketing service incredibly positively influences the company’s reputation. Seeing the website among the first search results in Google or Yandex that this is a website frequently visited by the other people, which automatically proves its credibility and professionalism. Finally, this strategy continues dragging new visitors and increases the revenue even when you stop financing it.

Social Media Marketing

With the recent boom of social media platforms, it is not strange that marketers found the way to switch businesses into online mode and use the potential promoting opportunities Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook offer. If you manage to create interesting content and target it into the right audience, you may quite fast grow your company and reach the results many struggled to get in many years of hard and intensive work.

Targeting Ads

An eCommerce ad, which is shown just to a certain group of Internet users (target audience) and relates to the circle of their interests. Although many may claim that traditional advertising is extremely annoying, in separate cases, they may be useful for the people. Just imagine that you are looking for something specific, and then, a pop-up ad with the product you look for suddenly appears. Wouldn’t you be happy? The only trick is to identify correctly this very target audience, and the success is guaranteed without annoying Internet visitors.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters have incredible potentials for building a positive reputation and effective communication with existing and future customers. Whether to remind the people about your company with friendly wishes and greetings for the upcoming holidays or to inform them about the approaching sales and discounts, an email is a perfect way for that. Moreover, it is also relatively budgetary.

Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics is the base for any successful marketing campaign. Whatever the number of promotional ways you choose and disregarding the size of your budget, they may bring minimal effect or no effect at all if you do not analyze and identify the needs and wishes of the customers and the situation on the market in general. Time does not stand still, and it is important to trace and sometimes even predict the future chances to catch the wave and use it with maximum profit. This is exactly what the specialists in the advertising agencies in USA and other countries do to help the customer develop and keep the leading positions.

Viral Advertising

One of the most innovative techniques where the users do all work instead of you. The company expands, and sales constantly increase without considerable efforts. How does it work? You create an incredibly interesting and/or useful content, the people share it with their personal accounts on social media, and it spreads on the internet like a virus. All that you have to do is just to create this super post or video that will blow up the online space.

Business Branding

Perhaps, any small business dreams of becoming a recognizable brand in the future. And it is quite possible if constantly take confident steps towards the aim. The success lies in many details and tricks, which like bricks, build a strong reputation and loyalty day by day. Do you want to know the components of success? Order digital marketing services and reveal the secret with IntlTech.

These are the most popular marketing means. Let’s consider what they are effective for, and what are their main benefits:

  • Increased awareness of the brand,
  • Forming of the expert position and credit,
  • Increased traffic and conversion,
  • Higher Google search rank,
  • Increased sales and revenue,
  • Profound customer database,
  • Established two-ways communication with the customers,
  • Knowledge of the market and customer’s needs,
  • Increased competitiveness in the business niche.

Still hesitate to order internet marketing services? You are wasting time while others already started working on the business of their dreams.

The commercial world is cruel and demanding. It does not forgive mistakes and not always give a second chance for a fresh start. If you are not a professional in the sphere of marketing, no one cannot guarantee you will not waste money and your precious time on the failed strategies. To avoid this sad scenario, it is always safer to work with specialists. You may order SEO services in USA, digital email marketing campaigns, Google contextual advertising, and all the spectrum of options we have described above to achieve positive results faster and painlessly.

IntlTech – your leader in digital marketing.

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