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Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

Make supporting and protecting your website our highest priority. Regular automated back-ups to save and store your data and achievements.

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You’re a business owner and need a functional corporate website. You hire a team of developers, web-designers, marketers to create the best website ever. They do it for you. But what’s next? The work doesn’t end here. A quality website that attracts customers requires a lot of efforts like constant SEO promotion and technical support. To be sure that your web page meets all quality standards, encourages customers, and increases sales, there must be technical support that allows you to monitor client’s or technical issues, indicate and fix bugs and errors, and constantly improve the website functionality.

IntlTech is a digital marketing company providing quality web development, designing, promotion, and tech website support services.

Don't Know if You Need Technical Support?

Constant technical errors, bugs? Leave a request, and our manager will help you out!

Services We Offer

Launch from $1000
  • Consultation by email, phone or messenger
  • Fixing technical errors
  • Protection from hacking attacks
  • Regular website back-ups
  • Website updates
  • Up to 25 hours of expert work

What are the Main Advantages of Website Technical Support

Website development is just half of a deal. To make sure it functions properly and your users are getting the most pleasant experience while wandering on its pages, it is recommended to conduct a regular website technical audit. It will help to determine any possible bugs and errors and prevent system failures, which lead to serious problems with the website work. Of course, it should be done by professionals, and in the perfect case, the guys who designed and developed the site. They know the code and the main features, its weaknesses and can better understand the specifics of the functioning. However, we understand that, for some reason, it may not be possible. So, here are some tips on how to pick up the best website support company:

  • Prefer the companies which offer support and development services. Their experience is much more comprehensive, and they have a more complex approach;
  • Check their quality and policy of refund. The companies sure about the quality of their services always have these options;
  • Trust professionals with many years of experience and real recommendations. However, young experts also may offer good and fresh solutions for your website;
  • Conduct online research and check positive and negative feedback about website support services of the potential partners.

Website Technical SupportIf you ask whether you can maintain your website on your own, the answer is yes. In the beginning, when you are on a tight budget and want to save some money, you may use some of the online services, which will perform some regular minor fixes and updates. One of such services is WordPress website support services. However, unfortunately, this is not a comprehensive solution and by no way can replace a human technician

Moreover, if your website fails, it will be even more expensive to fully repair it than to regularly monitor and maintain it with the help of tech website support, not mention the inconvenience your customers will encounter while visiting your online page. Instead of a pleasant experience and, perhaps, a good purchase, they will meet problems with loading, technical errors, and other troubles. It would not positively influence customers’ loyalty rate.

Among all the companies, which offer web technical support services, IntlTech guarantees the fastest and best results.

Work with Us and Enjoy the Benefits:

  • Comprehensive technical website support: The team of our best experts will put great efforts, and you will not even notice the slightest problem with the website. We will constantly monitor its technical and functional parts, protect the site from hacking attacks and viruses to make sure the data is safe, and the users have the most pleasant online experience with your company. We will take care of your website as if it was our own. We have got a professional team of specialists, where everyone has his/her responsibilities, that allows us to immediately react to any minor changes in Google algorisms or errors in the indexation, and make all appropriate adjustments as soon as possible, unlike the other companies, where just one technician is responsible for one project.
  • Content updates. To drag more attention and correspondingly more potential customers for your company, we will work hard to create new quality content for you: topical and interesting articles, high-quality videos, beautiful flamboyant pictures, etc. We always keep up with time, constantly study and improve: new tendencies, trends, fashions, software, and techniques – nothing passes by our attention. With us, you can impress your audience.
  • Marketing support services. If you want your business to grow and develop, bringing you more customers and profit, we can help you there. Having a very talented team of marketing agents, we can help you to develop modern, efficient strategies of your business promotion, which would be even more profitable with the updated and optimized website. Keeping constant monitoring of the market and Google changes, we will implement the latest approaches, internal and external optimization to bring you on top and firmly strengthen your leader positions in the niche.

Website Technical Support BenefitsWhy IntlTech?

  • The experienced experts in web development and its maintenance – quality tested by time and difficult cases;
  • The best experts in the field guarantee the top-quality results and professional work – we will not let you down;
  • Two-way communication with the client – we will keep you updated with any changes performed to your website – your satisfaction and loyalty are our main priorities.

Trust professionals! Work with the best! Dream big with IntlTech!

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