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Technical Support

It’s a lot cheaper to have a remote technical support department then to create your own. Security, backups, upgrades, and different fixes will be masterfully performed by our skilled admins and technicians.


Web support

we offer a subscription option so you can let us look after, update and improve your website.


consulting is a form of expert assistance for business owners in order to increase business efficiency and financial income.

Technical support

make supporting and protecting your website our highest priority. Regular automated back-ups to save and store your data and achievements.


consulting is a form of expert assistance for business owners in order to increase business efficiency and financial income.

Technical Support

Briefly about Technical support

Launching a website is just the first step towards a successful online business.

In order for the investments made in the web development to pay off and the site to become a source of stable profit, it is necessary to regularly develop it. Website support is an important component of this process, which includes a set of actions aimed at serving all the needs of a web project.

Our experts will constantly control the stability of your website, timely update it, professionally and comprehensively serve the platform, and take the project to the quality new level.

Choosing the tech support services with Intltech, you will save your budget, will not have a need to hire additional employees, always get updated information, and have an attractive website for the search engines with high relevance in the search results.

With us, the technical and graphical side of your business project is in safe hands. We guarantee quality and no slowdowns in the work of the website. Choose tech support with IntlTech, as it is always easier to warn the problem than deal with its consequences.

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Why We Rock?

IntelTech is a marketing agency that has set a goal to change the market of web development and digital marketing.

We are against template solutions! The world has changed, and now, you should win the clients’ hearts not in the salons or store shelves. You should conquer them online. The Internet world is open and transparent. You cannot hide anything from your clients, so accept it and reveal your real business. Make it unique with an interesting story behind, an exciting website, and impressive ads. But do not choose a simple way of templates. Create something valuable and memorable. We can help you here and become your support in the digital world.

We will prove to you the importance of unique content, creativity, and emotions. Change the web world together with IntlTech!

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They Will Work on Your Project

prof pm

Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch


Marketing team lead

leads the team in creating competitive SEO and online marketing


Technical marketing specialist

uncover opportunities to increase site speed, correct duplicate content, fix redirects and others


Data analyst

SEO project requires data analysis in the form of keyword research, traffic measurement and goal evaluation


Content manager

Marketing activities require large amounts of new content


Link builder

back links plays a tremendous role in your website


Web developer

he can modify your site according to the latest SEO standards


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The role of marketing services

What is Tech Support?

The net web is a delicate matter, which requires constant monitoring and maintenance. For many organizations, it is not profitable to hire a team of technicians to take care of their software and online staff. Fortunately, there are many specialized companies, which provide technical support services, an essential core of a successful functioning and proper work of all technical elements.

In simple words, it includes a series of actions aimed to maintain the software, settings, and other systems in excellent condition, installing, and updating all necessary aspects and fixing the appearing errors. This kind of service includes three primary aspects: web support, technical support, and consulting.

Website Support Services

Website development and maintenance is a complicated process the business owners would not be able to cope wit without a competent education and relevant experience.  The Internet is not that space where you can feel safe. Except for the inner nuances of the internet pages work, there are different external threats like viruses and hackers attacks, which may considerably harm the work and even crack it down. To make sure the website perfectly functions and provides your visitors with a maximum pleasant experience, our experts:

  • Daily monitor the changes on the website work,
  • Boost web page loading,
  • Fix code errors,
  • Provide cybersecurity.

Technical Support

This kind of service includes website maintenance, online shop support, technical maintenance of mobile apps, and so on. Our guys will:

  • Install and configure new technologies, programs or applications,
  • Troubleshooting systems and applications,
  • Running diagnostics on malfunctioning software,
  • Running security checks on all systems,
  • Electronic safety tests on all platforms,
  • Technical analysis of the website/app/software,
  • Implementing updates and software’s changes.


Sometimes, even experienced business owners may get confused about the type of service their company needs. We totally understand your concern, and that is why we provide consulting services for our customers to help you make the correct choice for the benefit of your business. We do not make baseless conclusions. Before advising you upon the service to select, we will:

  • Collect the data,
  • Make deep analysis,
  • Define the existent problems or week points,
  • Develop optimal solutions,
  • Evaluate the possible effectiveness,
  • Provide you with the best variant and individual program.

 Why IntlTech?

We are a professional website support company, which very carefully picked up a professional team of developers, designers, and technicians to provide our customers with the top-quality service. We will make every effort to provide the smooth work of all technical aspects without any unpleasant surprises, slowdowns, or downfalls. With us, your web page, online store, blog, or mobile app is in safe hands. Looking for a tech support website, technical support, or need professional advice? Contact us via email or cell phone.

IntlTech – your technical guarantor of digital safety and smooth performance!

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Use technology and design to convert, sell, and scale online!

IntlTech unites the opportunities of design, development, and digital marketing for business promotion and building a strong brand.

When you choose IntlTech, you place bets on professionalism, individual approach, and creativity!

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