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Intltech is happy to welcome you to our Blog page. This industry is a very fast-changing one and it is extremely important to keep track of all of the improvements and news. That’s why we decided to run our own Blog for our needs and the needs of our customers and other people interested in this field. To be the best you need to be a step ahead of the trend and that’s what we are achieving by running our Blog

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Feb 22, 2022

How to Design a Website: 8 Easy-to-Follow Steps

Nowadays, one’s business success is practically impossible without an online presence. Social networks, online feedback, website – each one is an important component of the company’s bright future and positive reputation. In
Feb 9, 2022

5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

An average internet user spends about one minute on Yahoo, Bing, or Google search engine results. Therefore, it is of vital importance to have your website somewhere at the top in order to let people find you on the web. Only this way, you will
Jan 25, 2022

E-mail Marketing Tips for Successful Campaigns

Do you understand the importance of a well-planned email marketing strategy and campaign? Do you use newsletters to follow-up your customers about important updates of your business? Do you want to make your emails more engaging? If you answered
Jan 12, 2022

How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps?

Today, there is hardly a business that hasn’t yet considered creating at least one social media account to improve its performance and brand awareness. Social media strategies have always been an important part of successful promotion, and
Dec 29, 2021

Search Engine Optimization Tips You Should Know

Search engine optimization contributes greatly to the success of your website. Naturally, it’s not the only thing to pay attention to. However, SEO is a big part of the whole process of building your reputation and establishing a
Dec 16, 2021

Offline Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

In the twenty-first century, for the success of every type of business, the presence of online and digital marketing strategies is obligated. Most business owners, whether it is big or small, put a lot of effort into online reputation
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