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How to Design a Website: 8 Easy-to-Follow Steps

February 22, 2022

Nowadays, one’s business success is practically impossible without an online presence. Social networks, online feedback, website – each one is an important component of the company’s bright future and positive reputation. In today’s article, we would like to discuss how to create a website for the business; and don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in a simple way, so even a newcomer in web design and marketing can understand it fully.

Our main task here is to provide a guide that will be helpful for both business owners who are going to create the site for the company and web designers who need a little bit more structure to create a detailed plan of what they should do to reach set goals.

On the IntlTech website, it is possible to order web design services, as well as other options to boost your business. In case you doubt what you need, have a consultation with one of our experts. We will be glad to provide you with possible variants of your company’s development strategy. 

Website Design

Step 1. Set Goals for the Website

Any web developer will ask you about your business’s goals and the reason you need a site for it. Without this step, it will be impossible to define the type of a website, the number of pages, available functions, and so on.

Depending on goals, one of the following website types can be picked: online store, blog, landing page, brand website, portfolio, etc. As we’ve already mentioned, different visuals, colors, and basic functions for users should be present for various kinds. It is possible to search for examples to have a complete picture of what should be done there. So, don’t skip the basics when working on such an important task.

Step 2. Pick a Website Builder You’ll Be Working With

Depending on goals, website builders should be chosen afterward. There are plenty of options; some of them are so easy you don’t even need to be aware of any coding knowledge or design principles to publish it. The most common ones are, for example, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and so on. Try experimenting if not sure which one would be the best.

Step 3. Come Up With Unique And Simple Domain Name

Every new website has to have a domain name so that online users can find it fast and easily. If you don’t know what’s a domain name, in simple words, it’s your Internet address; the thing you can see in the browser bar that goes after “www.”

It is crucial to register your domain name to reach noticeable success online; without it, both people and search engines won’t consider the site reliable and will probably choose a more professional and trustworthy option among many others out there. In this way, future traffic can be seriously affected before the site is even launched.

To choose the right domain name, it is important to make it memorable and easy. Keep these characteristics in mind:

  • Professional. A domain name should include the name of the company or business owner, so users can easily associate it with your work;
  • Simple. Numbers, symbols, and special characters should be avoided to make it easier for people to find the site;
  • Short. The possibility of misspelling is higher if the domain name is too long. Make it easier for users to find your business;
  • Reminiscent. Incorporate some words that can hint what’s your business’s goals and main tasks.

Check whether your name ideas are available by using domain registration tools; they are mostly free and are available for anybody online.

Step 4. Create a Layout for a Perfect Web Design

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a WordPress website or a simple landing page. Once logged into the preferred platform, it becomes possible to start working on the site by picking your perfect template. Depending on your goals, browse through hundreds of possible options; try to experiment by customizing various parts, adding or removing visual elements, text, pictures, colors, and so on.

Don’t be afraid of the creative process. Search for some examples to know exactly what final result you are seeking. Your main task during this stage is to make an understandable, easy-to-use site with a catchy, unique design that perfectly reflects your business as it is.

Step 5. Add All Important Pages During the Design Process

Depending on the primary purpose of your site, its structure and graphic design may vary. Some parts can be more important than others, some elements can be avoided completely. Here, we would like to provide you with the most essential components:

  • Homepage. This page is vital for a positive first impression and the final decision whether or not to use your services/buy products from the company. Thus, the design here should be catchy, organized, and not too overloaded with information. Only key facts should be included there, such as the business’s name, logo, navigation menu, etc. Don’t forget to add call-to-actions as well;
  • About Us page. People expect to see more detailed info about the company on this page. Add some interesting facts about its history, the owner, basic values, etc. Pictures from the office, as well as team members and the owner’s photos, will also guarantee more personalized communication with a user;
  • Contact Us page. If a person is interested in your work, they should be able to keep in touch with you easily. That’s why a detailed and thought-through Contact Us page is vital. Add different options for better communication, such as via the phone number, email, or contact form. Social media addresses should also be included, so those who are interested can follow your work there as well.

If you’d like, you may also think about adding these web pages:

  • Service/Products page. On this page, website visitors can find out more about the products or services you offer. That’s why it is important to present everything nicely to convince them to purchase from you. There are a few recommendations we can give you: add only high-quality photos of the products, prepare understandable descriptions of all goods, and don’t forget to tell more about such key components as ordering conditions, shipping, cancelation or return policies, etc.;
  • Blog. This component is important to demonstrate one’s expertise and knowledge in a certain sphere. Moreover, high-quality web content is also an excellent boost for SEO, and you may reach top positions in Google search with its help. We don’t say that a blog post should be released every day, once every week (or even every two weeks) is more than enough;
  • FAQ page. This page should provide users with answers to the most popular questions related to your company’s work. They should be organized in an understandable manner to guarantee the best experience with your brand to those who are interested in it. Check out the examples on the websites of other companies (just make sure they are working in a similar sphere).

Step 6. Choose Elements for the Site to Pick Design Tools Later

Little details will make the site more recognizable and interesting for online users. Think about its identity – user interface design, menu, colors that would represent your business the best, fonts, header, footer, and page titles, different scroll effects, and so on. Just don’t forget about usability: easy navigation and engaging experience are more important than the site’s visuals.

Step 7. Make Sure the Website is Optimized for Mobile Devices

Designing websites is a long process that requires many steps and a few rules that should always be followed; one of them is mobile optimization. The thing is, in the twenty-first century, people prefer using their phones to search for information, buy stuff, and perform other processes. That’s why it is crucial for a website platform to be suitable for both laptop and mobile users.

Most website builders and WordPress themes work great for different devices, so no worries about that. Analyze what is necessary and what should be removed for smaller screens, try to keep only the most important elements and text, work on page speed. Once again, every aspect should be considered for the best user experience. Just don’t forget to have user testing to see whether everything works well and doesn’t need any corrections.

Step 8. Ask for Feedback and Don’t Forget About Updates

As a person who worked on the website’s design, you may see no flaws in your creation. But there is always room for growth, don’t forget about that! That’s why it would be useful to ask for feedback from people who can potentially be site visitors (coworkers, friends, etc.).

The following aspects should be considered while checking the website:

  • Are texts written correctly? Spelling mistakes can create a wrong impression about your professionalism;
  • Are pages understandable? Check how much time is needed to find the required information or page. The rule here is pretty simple – the more manageable – the better;
  • Are all mentioned links working properly? Every link should be checked to make sure there are no 404 error pages present;
  • Are SEO elements correct? Alt text, title tags, and other components are crucial for higher ranking and organic traffic.

The Bottom Line

A perfect website design for your target audience is a long process that includes several crucial steps. From the correct website builder to proper design elements – there are no unimportant things here. Of course, it is possible to do everything on your own by following a step-by-step guide online; however, if you don’t feel confident about it, there is always the option of choosing a professional marketing team for this task. This way or another, the final goal of the site remains the same – to provide people with the best user experience and make them interested in your business. Hopefully, you now understand this process better after reading our article. Thank you for visiting the blog!


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