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E-mail Marketing Tips for Successful Campaigns

January 25, 2022

Do you understand the importance of a well-planned email marketing strategy and campaign? Do you use newsletters to follow-up your customers about important updates of your business? Do you want to make your emails more engaging?

If you answered “Yes” to everything previously mentioned, congratulations – this article would be a perfect guide to your future email marketing success. Below, you will find all the best pieces of advice from our professional experts, as well as tips on what NOT to do during your work.

Please note, if you are not sure how to create an email campaign or if you need help with any other digital marketing aspect, IntlTech is always ready to be there for you and anything you need for your company. In case consultation is necessary, or if you have questions on how to use the information mentioned below in your working process, feel free to contact our managers!

What Are Email Marketing Campaigns? Why Are They Important?

What Are Email Marketing Campaigns? Why Are They Important?

An email marketing campaign is a well-planned and thought-through process of sending out emails from a business to customers or potentially interested people. If conducted correctly, it can be incredibly beneficial for increasing the interest in your brand or services, raising the engagement level, and, as followed, making the number of leads and sales grow.

Even though email is seriously underestimated among all other marketing channels, it still remains effective. If used wisely, it may help build customer relationships and make people actually interested in the services and products you offer.

Moreover, as surveys demonstrate, 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers use their emails daily, so email marketing services will be perfect for getting in touch with them. Just don’t forget to create different letters for various target areas in order to make your campaign more successful. And with this thing in mind, let’s start on the most useful and effective tips and tricks to boost your email quality!

Email Marketing Tips for Real Professionals

Our primary goal in this article is to provide our readers with essential, checked-on our own experience, perfected with timepieces of advice on how to take maximum an effective email marketing campaign. With the help of those, it will be possible to deserve customer loyalty and reach new rights with your company. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Create your perfect target audience (email list)

All prosperous email campaigns always started with well-picked targeted emails. Make sure people will be interested in your offers, that that indeed need your services. Otherwise, you will just waste your time and efforts by sending letters to those not even interested in your working sphere in the first place. In this way, you will be able to convert people into hot leads easier.

Define your goals

If you do your work without any defined goal, it is very hard to achieve success. Setting goal is a landmark that makes it easier to calculate your further steps in email marketing. Think about what you would like to get in the end. Typically, business owners pick the following goals:

  • Engagement boost (with content, website, or business – it doesn’t really matter);
  • Follow-up already existing subscribes (typically, with something they would value);
  • Welcoming new subscribers (giving them basic info about your company, products, and/or services);
  • Make already existing subscribers more active (it’s useful if people became not particularly active recently);
  • Divide subscribers into categories for better communication (depending on everyone’s goals and interests, you may offer them more interesting things).

Automation is important

There are many marketing tools out there for automizing your emails (for example, Sendinblue, Mailchimp, and so on) that you should definitely try. Why? In this way, you’ll save yourself some time to do other important stuff for growing your business!

It would also be helpful for a conversion rate increase, efficiency improvement, and better campaign performance.

Think about a catchy subject line

This part is one of the most crucial in marketing emails, so take your time to create a catchy, unique subject line for your letters. As surveys demonstrate, 35% of users open their email after looking at a subject line. Basically, it becomes the first point in a customer’s experience with your company. Make it memorable, avoid trigger words, and try a few variants to see which ones perform the best.

Create a unique design

Design is another vital aspect of a client’s interaction with your brand. If they open an email and it looks messy and chaotic, the chances are the next thing done would be pressing an Exit button. Or send you to the spam folder. Or both.

Don’t give information in pictures because visuals may be automatically disabled; concentrate on making your letter look complete with and without visuals, and make sure all information is presented and emphasized well.

Always analyze the results

All marketing efforts should be carefully analyzed because, otherwise, they will be just useless. Try different types of email letters, experiment with your call to action (CTA), try various visuals. After that, it will be easier to understand which types of emails behave the best and bring the best results. And don’t forget – various email clients demand different strategies.

Keep your emails short and simple

We live in a busy world nowadays, and the “fast-food culture” is now present almost everywhere. So, in order to engage subscribers, you should present all information simply and understandably. The chances are, users would rather ignore the long sheet of text than waste their time looking for a key point in it. For a successful campaign, you may highlight the most important info with the help of visuals, coloring, or special lists. Let your creativity out, people would really appreciate that.

Don’t Do This in Your Email Campaign

In direct marketing, there are some things that should be done for a better result, as well as those that should be avoided. People typically learn about this kind of stuff from their mistakes, but we would like to make this process much faster and easier for our readers.

So, here you’ll be able to find the most common mistakes that many business owners make in digital communication, such as email marketing.

Overhyped subject lines

It may be surprising, but the presence of such things as a lot of exclamation marks, caps letters, phrases like “You won’t believe your eyes” are just repellent for your email contacts. If the subject line doesn’t demonstrate any value that the recipient can get from opening the letter, the chances are they’ll never open it or even send it to the spam folder. So, be careful with the words you use to pay one’s attention to your company.

Too long emails

It is common for newcomers to make such mistakes as writing long letters filled with ideas, offers, calls to action, and other content. However, as time passes by, you would understand email subscribers appreciate short and easy for understanding mails more than the best-written poem with a bright description of the successful future caused by your cooperation. Respect one’s time and try to be as short-spoken as possible.

Emails not optimized for mobile

In the modern world, people rarely use their laptops to check their emails; now, phones and laptops are mainly chosen for this purpose. That is why mobile optimization is so valued in email marketing. As surveys demonstrate, not optimized letters get deleted 80% of the time; think about these statistics the next time you’ll try to do a campaign not suitable for mobile devices.


Before sending out emails, it is crucial to study your target audience in order to develop thought-through personalized campaigns. By doing that, you will be aware of their primary interests, online behavior, and main activity hours. The last aspect will make it easier to define the hours when small business owners should send out their offers and try to get in touch with subscribers.

And be careful not to spam too much. As it was already proved by numerous researches, people would more likely press the unsubscribe link if the company sends emails daily and simply annoy their audience. Getting in touch weekly will be enough; if there is something important to announce, you may increase it to two times per week.

Overload emails with images, gifs, and other visuals

Of course, well-picked images will be very useful if they are chosen based on users’ interests. For successful email marketing, every aspect is crucial. However, if pictures take too much space and simply distract everyone’s attention from the main point of the email, it may only ruin the reputation of the online store.

We don’t say that visuals shouldn’t be used at all but look at the ready letter as if you are a customer. Would you like the design? Isn’t it over-spammed with little details, gifs, and other elements of the decor? Shouldn’t you be more laconic? Ask yourself these questions before pressing the Send button.

The Bottom Line

Online presence is incredibly crucial for a brand’s reputation and trust level, and emailing is a perfect way to get in touch with potential leads, announce all important news from a company’s work, give the best offers to subscribers, and just stay present. And even though there are many ways of making the letter the best looking and informative for people, it can still be hard to make everything properly for newcomers in digital marketing.

We hope our pieces of advice were helpful for our readers, and now you know more about how to create the best automated emails to interest the audience. And if not – there are many email service providers you may cooperate with (and IntlTech can indeed provide you with these services as well). Thank you for visiting our blog and reading the article. Our writers are trying their best to give you detailed information to boost your business!


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