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How Many Keywords Should I Use for SEO?

April 14, 2023

SEO is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to a web page boost for search engines’ crawlers and website traffic increase. However, to see a significant improvement, you must remember to be patient and apply the correct technique for SEO to reach your business’s goals. One of the main points of search engine optimization is the proper keywords used on various pages and how they affect the overall website’s performance. Thus, it will be helpful to discuss how many keywords for SEO should be used per page to demonstrate a decent improvement, as well as how to select the best-performing variants for the website. Read and learn together with the IntlTech team!

If you are unsure how to select relevant keywords and make SEO work well for your goals, contact us to get professional help. We know exactly how to meet all your business’s needs and boost your performance to a new level!

What Are Keywords and Why Are They Important for SEO?

To use simpler words, keywords are particular points that define the main topics and ideas of the content on a certain webpage. They may be introduced in the form of phrases or selected words and are mostly used in the search box of a search engine to find specific information online. In order to increase traffic and attract more users who can potentially become a target audience for one’s business, it’s crucial to keep keywords relevant to people’s queries to increase a website’s chances of occurring at the top of search engine rankings.

From this goes, SEO must be addressed if you want your content to be found by those interested in it. Keyword phrases are a light that helps people find your website through the dark forest of numerous links on the search page, so make sure it shines brightly!

Moreover, correctly picked keywords spatially define the quality of the content, as well as its value to the audience, so planning a successful SEO strategy is effective for a website’s performance, traffic growth, and the general success of your business’s future.

Want to know more about SEO? Then you should visit our article Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Important for Business and learn the main benefits of SEO for your business.

How Many SEO Keywords Should I Use per Page?

When it comes to using high-quality keywords to boost an online page, it’s important to remember that limits should also be known. Typically, it’s recommended to focus on one primary keyword or keyphrase and create three to five variations of those to use on individual web pages. To determine the main ones, it’s important to conduct keyword research to select the most effective options according to search engine algorithms. Plenty of tools may be used for this purpose, so the best thing you can do is choose one that helps you find keywords with high search volume yet low competition.

In case you need help, contact IntlTech managers to consult about your business’s goals.

More About Selecting Keywords

To figure out how many options per page you may need, one question should be asked at the beginning of the process: What is its main topic?

  • Step 1. Define the page’s main subject. Let’s say your store sells stationery; there is a wide selection of available products, including notepads, highlighters, stickers, and others. That means the variety of keywords should be wide as well – from “school stationery” to “stationery for creativity.” Some helpful tools may show which ones will work best. For example, let’s say you’ve selected “school stationery” as your main keyword;
  • Step 2: Think about the varieties of the subject. Considering our selected phrase – “school stationery” – we may come up with its variations. “Stationery for school,” “school stationery items,” etc. – if these are used on the main page, they may be effectively boosted up among search engine results;
  • Step 3: Organise the variety. This last step is crucial to improving a website’s usability for users and search engines. When the main keyword is divided into sub-types, it may be easier for people to find all the needed information among the pages of details. For example, “school stationery may also include “notebooks for school,” “colorful stationery,” or “stationery for drawing.” By being as specific as possible, it is easier to select the best options for the strategy.

Tips for Selecting the Right Keywords

Here are some valuable tips regarding how many keywords per page to use, as well as how to choose the most useful ones to provide a fast boost for an online page.

Search Volume and Low Competition Matter

Before calculating how many keywords would work best for the website, it’s essential to determine which would suit each page well. Well-performing ones usually have low competition and high search volume. Among some typical demands is that they should be related to the business’s working field, be something in the middle between low and high competitive search volumes, and provide closure to the needs of online users.

In SEO, experimenting is the key to success, so don’t be afraid to try new tactics and different variations of suitable keywords. In the end, you’ll find the best-performing formula!

Concentrate on One Primary Keyword

One primary keyword should be used per single webpage. We don’t say you should use only one word for the whole page; there can still be four to five variations; however, the main one should be picked as a primary option. Others will be considered secondary ones, and their main goal will be to shape the content better. For example, it’s possible to use them in various sections within a page or remind users of the initial goal of the business/website.

Expect More Than Just Your Target

The truth is after all the work is done, a webpage will rank for much more than just the selected keywords you initially picked. If we choose a topic (e.g., stationery), it will rank for hundreds of other related items (e.g., cheap stationery for kindergartens, create your personal stationery print, and others). So, if the primary word is selected correctly, you will definitely find a broader audience; don’t be afraid to miss out on something!How Many Keywords Should I Use for SEO

Is Less Better When It Comes to Keywords?

As you may have already understood, sometimes less is more in SEO. Here are a few reasons why one correctly selected keyword per page would work better than dozens of other keywords which are only partially related.

Keywords Are Less Likely to Become Diluted

To rank higher in Google search results, it’s vital for keywords not to be diluted. Sounds weird, but let’s explain. The more main keywords you try to target, the more you decrease the power of one individual keyword. By using similar phrases, you risk competing with yourself in ranking, which won’t be suitable for your SEO results.

It Becomes More Targeted

When choosing four to five keywords related to the topic per page, it may take a lot of work to shape the text easily and understandably for a user. How would you create the right structure? What to highlight on a webpage? How to write a well-performing title and meta description if more than one word is targeted? A few meta keywords may confuse search engines and don’t show your webpage in the query at all, so it’s better to put some thoughts into them and stop on the most suitable ones.

The Page Is Less Likely to Be Recommended to the Wrong Audience

In other words, by choosing the right keywords, the page will be less likely to be shown to people it wasn’t optimized for. As a result, traffic will increase, and more potential customers will be targeted for your business. And, as the primary goal of most SEO campaigns is to reach new success levels for one’s company, it will be achieved in no time!

Can I Use Too Many Keywords for a Webpage?

The answer to this question is simple – yes, you definitely can! But let’s have a closer look.

The process of putting too many keywords on one page is called “keyword stuffing,” and it’s usually used to manipulate a site’s ranking. This technique was useful a few years ago when search engines weren’t as sophisticated as they are today. However, nowadays, they can easily recognize keyword stuffing and even penalize a website for it.

The user experience should also be considered, as keyword stuffing may leave a wrong impression on the business and reconsider people’s choices of using a certain company’s services. 

How to Place Keywords Correctly?

Correct placement of a specific keyword is as important as its frequency, so we highly recommend remembering these placements for them:

  • Meta description;
  • The meta description tag and the meta keywords tag (are usually found in the web page’s HTML code);
  • Page and post title;
  • Headline and subheaders;
  • Body text;
  • Alt text and image file name.

These metrics can create a perfect environment for a successful SEO strategy realization and, as follows, guarantee marvelous results in the future.

How to Track SEO Ranking?

Even though it’s possible to manually track keyword performance in Google every day for each individual page, it can be quite challenging, especially if the website has multiple pages and requires more keywords to experiment with.

Fortunately, some options on the market may automatize this process.

Google Search Console

This one is a free option and is perfect for newcomers who just start learning more about this tool. It demonstrated the average ranking of a keyword over a certain period, so it’s easier to plan out and create content and pick better options for higher ranking.


Mobile and desktop versions are available for users, as well as different languages, specific locations, and plenty of other valuable features. In addition, HTML snapshots of the SERPs for the tracked keywords can be archived, so it’s easier to see the website’s performance and success compared to competitors out there.


This one is an effective tool for tracking all keywords that a site ranks for. It’s also possible to highlight ambitious keywords that may be potentially used for a website in the future. To pick a perfect match, it’s always better to try all the options first and then stop on the most comfortable one that can satisfy all business needs.

The Bottom Line: How Many SEO Keywords per Page Should You Use?

We hope now you have a better understanding of SEO keyword selection and their frequency on a single webpage. Knowing this topic can be quite helpful, especially for young inexperienced specialists. And remember, if you don’t know how to do everything on your own, plenty of digital marketing agencies are ready to assist and bring your company to new achievements. Take care!


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