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The What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing

August 5, 2022

We are sure it is not a secret to anyone that online marketing is a crucial development factor for any company out there. The formula is pretty simple: if your business is not present on the Internet – it simply doesn’t exist. If you don’t understand why, well, let me ask you a question – when was the last time you used TV, word of mouth, or leaflets to learn more about the product or actually buy it? You always use your phone or laptop to check the information about the brand you are going to purchase from, aren’t you? This is a new reality we live in, and it is crucial to move with the times to make your business flourish.

As professional digital marketers, the IntlTech team wants to make sure people all around the world learn more about how to upgrade their companies and bring them to a new level with the help of a well-planned digital marketing strategy. So, that’s what today’s article is about!

In case you are not sure how to organize all the processes on your own, don’t worry. We are ready to analyze and develop the best, unique strategy for your business. Contact us if you are interested!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing services are the twenty-first century’s analogy of traditional marketing and advertising. Think about it, what was used to promote one’s business before the Internet occurred? Leaflets, banners, TV ads, newspaper advertising – the list goes on and on. Now, as everything in the world becomes more digitalized, modern techniques are required to tell potential customers about the benefits of your work; there are plenty of possibilities: reaching out via emails, social media platforms, personalized ads, etc. Not to mention that a well-planned, attractive website is like a new business card, which can provide leads with all crucial information. – from contact numbers to the fantastic variety of products created by you.

However, even though the effectiveness and importance of this promotion method is already a proven fact, some people still doubt whether they should use it in their careers. It goes like, “I have regular customers; they tell others about my work; why do I need to put such efforts into it?“. We have only one answer for this – there is always room for improvement.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important in Business?

Why Is Digital Marketing Important in Business

By using a properly planned digital strategy, it is possible to reach out to a larger audience who will not only be more interested in everything offered by a company but also will more likely order products/services created by it. Not to mention that it is much more cost-effective than any offline marketing techniques, which, unlike online marketing, cannot be changed and corrected based on the previously-demonstrated results of the campaign. Below, we are going to show just a few examples of why this business promotion method is vital and shouldn’t be ignored nowadays:

  1. This method doesn’t demand so much money as the offline ones. In all marketing strategies, it is possible to see new results every day, thus analyzing the effectiveness of the current campaign. If ROI (Return on Investment) is not satisfactory, it can be recalculated and changed at any time. With traditional advertising and marketing, the tactic cannot be changed so easily;
  2. Various digital platforms give you the opportunity to compete with leaders in your niche. If, in the past small businesses were not able to invest thousands of dollars into TV commercials and other popular advertising methods, now even those with minimal budget can create an engaging advertising campaign and find their target audience;
  3. Digital marketing makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. It is possible not only to keep track of the customer journey on the website but also to see everything that was invested into the marketing strategy, how did it perform, and what results were achieved in the end;
  4. The strategy can be changed at any step. So, if digital marketing tactics seem to go wrong at some point, or if another brilliant idea was created, it is unnecessary to wait until all steps of the previously developed plan can demonstrate a decent result;
  5. The quality of the leads can be improved with a correctly-planned strategy. It is possible to track users’ behavior, see what they like better, and develop a promotion plan based on that. Moreover, you can create a few options for different categories of customers to make sure everyone who can be potentially interested in your work is aware of everything your business offers.

Types of Digital Marketing Tactics

Because the online marketing sphere develops with astonishing speed, the number of digital marketing channels and tactics is now pretty incredible as well. There are those that perform better and those that will be useful only for more narrowed niches, but still, the effectiveness remains incredible. Once again, here we are going to mention the most popular practices in our work, as well as those the most preferable among our clients:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The main goal of this one is to make the website rank higher in search engines, thereby increasing the organic traffic of the site. There are many techniques, such as on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, and many others, and the maximum effect can be reached only if a specialist who works and knows everything in this sphere develops a unique strategy specifically for your type of business;
  • Content marketing. As you may have guessed, this tactic works preferably with the content included on the website. With its help, it is possible to increase the brand’s awareness, trustworthiness, and visibility in general. It can be performed by using various methods, such as blog posts, audio and visual content, infographics, etc. By the way, it is proven to be more effective in combination with search engine optimization services;
  • Social media marketing. This one can promote brand awareness and increase the traffic to the site with the help of specific social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. Share the latest updates of the company in the social media posts, tell more engaging information, and think about special offers for the followers. In this way, the reputation of the brand will be boosted in no time!
  • Pay Per Click (PPC). It’s the most effective one among the marketing tools to drive more traffic to the site. Paid aids and a carefully planned content marketing strategy are a combination that will help find potential leads all around the Internet, and the professional work of the managers will surely convert them into customers;
  • Email marketing. This method is the best for communicating with those who are already interested in the services/products the company offers. Important updates, newsletters, welcome emails, holiday promotions, and a lot of other essential information can be shared with those who confirmed the brand’s email subscription;
  • Sponsored content (also known as influencer marketing). Many digital marketing campaigns consider this option because it has a great impact on users’ decisions. If they see the positive feedback from someone they trust (like bloggers, models, actors, and other thought leaders), the level of trust in the company will increase immediately.

A perfect method for one’s business development should be picked after a detailed analysis of its goals and desired results; based on that, the correct tactic and action plan are calculated and can be started. Just remember – all results should be noted, and the program can be corrected if the numbers are not satisfactory. It’s all about changing and trying in the digital marketing sphere.

How to Use Digital Marketing Techniques Correctly?

It is okay to experience doubts when planning the development strategy for your company, especially if you have never done that before. We present easy step-by-step instructions for building a perfect mobile marketing strategy for people who are not sure whether they do everything correctly. It includes 7 easy and understandable steps, so you can check it whenever you feel lost or are not sure about any of your actions.

Step-By-Step Instructiondigi

  1. Define the goals of the strategy. Do you want to increase brand awareness or organic traffic on the website? Or maybe the main task is to raise the number of customers? Based on the goal, further steps can be planned;
  2. Define the target audience. By doing so, it will be more understandable what type of content should be created to be engaging and valuable for potential leads;
  3. Establish budget. Most processes in digital marketing are not free; marketing materials, software, apps, advertising, etc., have defined prices. That’s why it is better to calculate how much you are ready to spend in advance before starting all the processes;
  4. Work on the engaging content. It includes everything, starting from visuals, ending with exciting information included in the blog and posts;
  5. Make sure mobile accessibility is included. It is well-known that most people use mobile devices to search the data, communicate with friends, buy stuff, and perform other vital processes. So, check whether web pages are optimized for various types of electronic devices, everything looks presentable, and all operations can be performed without any problems;
  6. Conduct keyword research. In order to rank higher in search results of any search engine, the content of the site should be well-optimized and engaging (that’s where SEO comes in). To do so, certain keywords should be used to be more relatable to popular search requests;
  7. Analyze the results. We have already mentioned it and would like to repeat it one more time – the final data should always be analyzed, so the strategy can be replanned if the numbers are not satisfactory. Recalculating the steps is crucial in digital marketing.

The Final Word About the Digital Marketing Importance

Digital marketing is a thing that can sometimes be hard to explain if you have never worked in this sphere. It includes various processes and a lot of different steps, which should be picked based on one’s goals and desired results. If a person is a newcomer in this sphere, it is always possible to use the services of digital marketing agencies (there are plenty of professionals out there who are always ready to help). Remember, three things are the most important for a successful strategy – analyzing, planning, and recalculating after some time. Don’t be afraid to be creative; it is always welcomed in the marketing field.

Various tools and apps can help to come up with the most effective plan for the company’s online development; there are plenty of available options on the market (both free and paid). The combination of both is typically picked based on the business’s needs. And even though it can be complicated to calculate the needed steps for a positive result, in the end, it is all worth it. Ask anyone in your niche in case you don’t believe us!

Hopefully, you found all the information you needed in our article. And make sure to stay tuned for our new blog posts; we regularly share useful content with our followers and try to explain various aspects of digital marketing easily and understandably, so even newcomers in this sphere wouldn’t have any troubles with it. Thank you for reading!


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