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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

December 7, 2022

Nowadays, it’s not a secret that people spend plenty of time on social media; whenever they stay in the queue, have lunch, are bored, and during any other situation, scrolling through TikTok or Instagram has become kind of a routine for us. That’s why it is crucial for businesses to follow social media networks trends in order to stay in touch with their followers, as well as to make new people interested in what they do.

Social media is a unique tool that can perform a few tasks simultaneously, such as interacting with current customers, updating people about all crucial changes in the company, raising the trustworthiness of the brand in general, and many others. This is the exact reason why we decided to prepare the article with all the newest trends for social media in digital marketing. Read, learn, and apply them to your business to make sure it has a flourishing future!

For readers who are not sure how to perform all the processes on their own, we have a special offer! Get in touch with the IntlTech professional marketers’ team and create a unique development strategy designed specifically for your business today!

The Definition of Social Media Marketing

We don’t want to bore you with definitions from the dictionary and too complicated words, so here is an alternative explanation from our team. Social media marketing is the process of engaging content development, target audience preferences analysis, and usage of this information to boost the reputation of the brand. By using it on your business accounts, it is possible to succeed in a few main goals, namely:

  • Promotion of products/services the company offers;
  • Building the community with the target audience;
  • Drive traffic to the business’s website.

For a well-performing strategy, it is crucial to keep in touch with the followers and leads, ask their opinions and constantly analyze the results. And, of course, don’t underappreciate the importance of trends; people’s preferences change frequently, and it is crucial to listen to them in order to bring the company to a new level.

What Trends Are Rising in Social Media?

The best and the most exciting thing about social media channels is that each of them has its own trending things, which means there is always room for creativity and new ideas. In order for a social media strategy to perform successfully, there should be no fear of trying new ideas and experimenting with content; people appreciate new, refreshing things that can attract their attention while they scroll through Instagram or Twitter.

So, if you are ready to read more about how to create content on various social platforms, let’s learn together about 2022 SMM trends for your company.

#1. TikTok Is Among New Social Media Trends

Even though Instagram remains one of the most popular social networks companies prefer to use for promotional purposes, TikTok is slowly taking its place at the top in this niche. Entertaining video content has become more and more popular, and short videos are now more preferred than a long-form video. Business profiles, valuable tools, and other excellent features are now available on TikTok, so why not use it to reach millennials and Gen Z?

#2. Ads Will Develop on Smaller Networks

Some of us are more used to established social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. However, some smaller networks are also able to attract the attention of potential customers; the Internet is a wonderful place, and you’ll never know where you will find your next customer. Snapchat, Pinterest, and other social media channels can be the beginning of a new stage of the business, don’t miss this opportunity!

#3. Video Content Will Dominate on Social Media Platforms

This number can shock you, but in 2022 videos will take 82% of all social media content. That’s why in order to stay relevant for a current and a new audience, as well as to get to the organic reach, it is crucial to start using video content more often. However, it is important to remember that long-format videos are not as popular as short ones; people live in a rush, so it is better to provide them with information in the most comfortable form. Stories, Reels, and TikTok have proven perfectly well that it is possible to make leads interested within a minute.

#4. Paid Advertising Is a Must

It isn’t very easy to keep organic reach on a decent level without paid advertising. According to surveys, organic reach for the post on Facebook without ads is slightly higher than 5%. So, in order for social media users to interact with your content, paid advertising should be used all the time.

#5. Personalized Content Will Flourish

Even though personalization is something that started to become more famous a few years ago, it can still be pretty challenging to do so for social commerce. Well, yes and no. Even though it is impossible to create content for the needs of every client, it is still possible to reach marketing success by making ads for as many targeting segments as you can come up with. The key task here is to analyze the target audiences of the business very carefully, think about what they would like to see on their smartphones, and just start the process. Ad generation is a creative process, so you may need some time to come up with the best solutions.

#6. Instagram and Twitter Will Stay Popular

Even though small platforms are going to become more prevalent in 2022, such networks as Instagram and Twitter, with their influencer marketing, won’t disappear. Moreover, they will become even more important for B2B businesses out there. The investments are growing, and new users register every day, so the fame of already existing platforms isn’t going anywhere. That’s also one of the things caused by social advertising and the mass market.

#7. Social Media Communities Will Develop

Social media communities are basically groups created by companies; more and more brands have started using them nowadays. With their help, it is possible to share more user-generated content, communicate with followers directly, and find new ideas for improvement. Moreover, with the recent popularity of video and audio content, such platforms as Twitter spaces, Facebook groups, and other digital channels have become more and more widely used as well. People appreciate it when somebody is interested in them, and if it’s done by their favorite brand, – their loyalty and interest are guaranteed.

Things You Shouldn’t Ignore in Social Media Marketing 2022

Except for the trends that should be followed on Instagram and other platforms in 2022, there are some standard pieces of advice we would like to mention here. Use them to boost the reputation of your company’s social network:

  1. Don’t ignore short-form videos. Video content is gaining popularity drastically, which is why it is so important to use it in your work. Moreover, it has the authenticity everyone is seeking nowadays, so maybe you should try live streams, too;
  2. Content should be relatable. Ask your followers what they are interested in, highlight customers’ reviews, and point out the main benefits of the business. It will help to create a deeper connection with the audience;
  3. A conversational tone should be used in the content. Imagine that you are talking to a friend, but don’t lose your brand’s tone of voice. Maybe, it would be a good idea to ask your audience some questions or tell stories from the backstage of your company?
  4. Use design elements to make content more interesting. Gifs, memes, short videos, and other details that can attract the attention of the target audience online;
  5. Quality is always more important than quantity. There is absolutely no need to post every day. We’d recommend creating a content plan to design the perfect publishing scheme to make sure you interact with the followers regularly.

And don’t forget – there are plenty of possibilities out there you may not even know about. The social media landscape is so unpredictable and magnificent, so don’t waste this opportunity. Explore new platforms, try new styles, and communicate with your followers to find out what they would prefer. Experiment and explore all the opportunities available for you and your business!

Which Trends Are Losing Their Popularity?

If there are some trends that are gaining popularity in 2022, there are also those that shouldn’t be used for the company’s success. According to marketers, social media strategies should avoid two things this year. Which ones? Let’s find out together.

Ephemeral Content

If you don’t really understand what “ephemeral content” means, here is a simpler explanation – content that disappears after some time, e.g., Instagram Stories. Today, high-quality content is more appreciated, so why should you spend a lot of time on something that won’t even last long? It is much better to improve the current design or come up with new ideas to entertain people.

Expert Discussions and Interviews

Even though such things as podcasts, interviews, and discussions can improve the quality of the brand greatly, this method is pretty time-consuming. And not all users are ready to dedicate hours of their lives to just listening to somebody talking about all pros of your company. Even though many brands start their own podcasts to gather an audience, it’s not a universal formula for everyone.

To Sum Up About Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022

In order to be successful and stay up-to-date, it is crucial to follow trends, and the social media sphere is not an exception. People are interested in freshness, new ideas, and unusual things. So, we would recommend staying in touch with followers, asking for their opinions, and building strategies based on that. If you are not sure how to do it on your own, don’t worry. There are plenty of professionals out there (and IntlTech is one of them) who are ready to develop the most profitable strategy for your business. Hopefully, today you have learned something new from us. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more engaging articles in the future!


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